Learn a new language with Duolingo's chatbots

AI conversations help you learn French, German and Spanish.

Duolingo has been offering language learning tools for a while now, but today the company debuted a new tool inside its iPhone app that could make the task a bit easier. Thanks to AI-powered chatbots, the language-learning app offers a way to have conversations while you're trying to learn French, German and Spanish. That's a short list of languages for now, but Duolingo says more options are on the way.

Right now, you can only interact with the chatbots via text, but the company does have plans to add spoken conversations in the future. Duolingo gave these bots a bit of personality to make them more like real people and created them to be flexible with the answers they'll accept when there's multiple ways for you to respond. For the times when you can't think of the words you need to say, the app has a "Help My Reply" button that offers a few suggestions.

The new feature gives users of the free iOS app a way to learn through conversations without the anxiety of making mistakes when speaking with a real person. The chatbots are available now via the latest update, but just be sure your iPhone has an internet connection before you try to use them.