Giphy Cam finally arrives on Android

It took more than a year to port from iOS.

After 14 months of breathless waiting, Android users can finally experience the Instagram of GIFs. Giphy released its Giphy Cam app to the Play store on Thursday. The app allows you to record GIFs, apply various filters and fades, as well as overlay text and emoji. Unfortunately, the Android version doesn't currently appear to be able to import video and generate GIFs from that source, as the iOS version can. However a Giphy rep did explain that the Android version should be getting camera roll import as well as the AR capabilities announced for iOS this morning, in coming the months.

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Speaking of iOS updates, Giphy rolled out a new Giphy Cam for iOS on Thursday morning as well. Dubbed Giphy Cam 2.5, its marquee new feature is Augmented Reality. Rather than capture video directly from the camera or pull it from the camera roll, the new Giphy Cam will overlay graphics and sprites atop live video -- Pokemon Go-style. You can then generate gifs from the augmented feed.