Two more automakers can test self-driving cars in California

Wheego and Valeo can test one car each on the state's roads.

You might not have heard of Wheego and Valeo before, but they must be doing something right when it comes to self-driving vehicles. California has given them permission to test one autonomous car each on its roads, according to The Wall Street Journal. The state recently approved a bill that allows fully autonomous car testing -- in other words, test vehicles will be allowed to drive around without a human operator. Wheego and Valeo, however, will have to work their way up to that point. Their cars still need to be operated by up to four human drivers.

Wheego Electric Cars sources its automobiles' bodies from China and installs batteries and other components in the US. Valeo, on the other hand, is the North American division of a French automotive supplier of the same name. The WSJ didn't talk about the vehicles these companies will be unleashing in California, but if everything goes well, we'll definitely hear about them soon enough.

Since the Golden State has become the go-to place for self-driving automakers, these two are in good company. They're the latest addition to the short list of 17 corporations with testing permits in California, which include names we're sure you're familiar with, like GM, Tesla, Google, Ford, Baidu, Nissan and Honda.