Microsoft's reworked Paint app lets you draw with 3D objects

A test version of the Windows 10 creative tool hints at some big plans.

Microsoft is working on an overhaul of its Paint app for Windows 10, and it might just be worth a look if you're a casual creator. WindowsBlogItalia has leaked an early test version of the software that reveals both a much-needed modernization of the interface (it's easier to use with your fingers, The Verge notes) as well as some big feature upgrades. For one, it supports 3D objects -- you can incorporate fish and other shapes to spice up your otherwise flat drawings, including items from the community.

You'll also find 2D objects and freehand drawing features. This won't make you forget professional creative tools (there's no layering in this version, for example), but that's likely not the point. As with other versions of Paint, this is more for sketching, illustrating photos and other quick tasks.

It's not certain when you'll see the finished version of Paint for Windows 10. However, Microsoft is holding a big Windows 10 event on October 26th. While there are no guarantees as to what will happen, we wouldn't be surprised if the company used Paint to show off new Surface hardware.