Comcast set-top boxes now offer detailed stats for more sports

You can also use your voice to search for sports info.

Did you like the abundance of stats while watching the Rio Olympics on Comcast? If so, you're in for a treat from now on. Comcast is rolling out those same on-screen stats for every sport its X1 set-top box app covers. If you want to see where a basketball team has taken most of its shots, or want to know how well your favorite hockey player is doing, the info is just a short hop away. Finding that data should be easier, too.

As part of the upgrade, Comcast is expanding its voice commands to include sports. You can ask for stats on your favorite team, or compare two star players to see which one is faring best this season. Just don't expect to bark orders right away. Voice support is coming to football in the "coming weeks," and it'll reach both basketball and hockey sometime later this year.