US bans Samsung Galaxy Note 7 on all flights

You can't take it on any aircraft, even if the phone is turned off.
Nicole Lee
N. Lee|10.14.16

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Nicole Lee
October 14th, 2016
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In the wake of Samsung's global recall of the Galaxy Note 7, the US has now banned the device on all aircraft, even if it's turned off. Previously, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) only issued a warning to have passengers keep the phones powered down during flights. But now, Bloomberg reports, you can't bring it on the plane at all. This follows recent news that Samsung has ended the production and sales of the Note 7 entirely due to smoke and fire incidents, which happened even to replacement handsets. It's not entirely clear when the phone would be taken away from you -- whether it'd be during the security screening or when you're onboard the plane -- but if you haven't already returned it, you should at least do so before your next flight.

Update: The Department of Transportation has issued a statement regarding the ban, clarifying that the ban is effective this Saturday, October 15, 2016, at noon ET. As reported, the Galaxy Note 7 is not allowed as carriage on your person, in carry-on bags or in checked baggage, and can't even be shipped as air cargo.

"We recognize that banning these phones from airlines will inconvenience some passengers, but the safety of all those aboard an aircraft must take priority," said Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx in the statement. "We are taking this additional step because even one fire incident inflight poses a high risk of severe personal injury and puts many lives at risk."

Update 2: Samsung has released a statement of its own:

"Samsung, together with carriers, is working to communicate the U.S. Department of Transportation's new order to ban all Galaxy Note7 devices in carry-on and checked baggage on flights. We have encouraged airlines to issue similar communications directly to their passengers. Any Galaxy Note7 owner should visit their carrier and retail store to participate in the U.S. Note7 Refund and Exchange Program now. We realize this is an inconvenience but your safety has to remain our top priority."

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