Google Flights adds price-tracking notifications

Now you can figure out the best time to book the cheapest flight to Hawaii.

Booking the cheapest flight can be daunting. Should you book from an airline's site or go with something like Expedia? Plus, there's the trick of using Chrome in Incognito Mode can usually save you a few bucks. Of course none of those tell you when is the best time to buy tickets. That's what Google Flights is hoping to do.

A Google Flights update is rolling out today that will notify users when the price of a flight is expected to increase. A card will pop up that say how much the cost will go up and in how many days. This is in addition to sharing tips on how to lower a ticket price by showing nearby airports and alternative dates.

The flight information is based on historic data so it might not be 100 percent accurate. Still, if you're booking a big trip and you want to get the best possible price this is another trick you can use to get where you're going without emptying your bank account.

It would seem that the company really wants you to go on vacation. In addition to the new Flights features, last month it introduced Google Trips to help you find interesting things to do while you're away. As for this latest feature, the update is rolling out now and should be available to everyone within the next few weeks.