Amazon Japan's manga-ready Kindle has 8 times the storage

This Kindle Paperwhite is ready for your comic collection.

Amazon Japan has an unusual challenge with the Kindle: it not only has to cater to your typical bookworm, but to a local fondness for image-heavy (and thus storage-intensive) manga books. What it's going to do? Release a special model just for those readers, apparently. The company has introduced a manga version of the Kindle Paperwhite with 32GB of storage, or eight times as much space as the run-of-the-mill 4GB model. You could cram every single volume of Asari-chan, Kochikame and Naruto into this e-reader, Amazon says. On top of that, a 33 percent faster page turning speed promises to keep you engrossed in your comics.

The manga Kindle is available for pre-order now, with pricing commanding a slight premium over the usual Paperwhite. You're spending ¥16,280 (about $157), or ¥12,280 ($118) if you're an Amazon Prime subscriber. The first units ship October 21st, and an update to bring the page turning performance to other Kindles should arrive by the end of the month. As you might gather, it's not very likely that you'll see this model elsewhere in the world -- when the 4GB in regular Kindles is enough to hold thousands of regular books, Amazon doesn't have much incentive to boost their capacity any time soon.