The Oatmeal's latest Kickstarter hit is a monster card game

He created it with his 'Exploding Kittens' collaborator.

The Oatmeal's Exploding Kittens project took Kickstarter by storm and raised an impressive $8.8 million. Now, the online sensation is back on the crowdfunding platform with another card game, and it's all about building monsters that can eat horribly hairy, axe-wielding, laser-toting infants. Matthew Inman (that's The Oatmeal's artist's name) has teamed up with his Exploding Kittens collaborator Elan Lee yet again to create Bears vs Babies. The project is already a hit after having raised $1.3 million, but that amount's bound to grow with 27 days left to the campaign.

In Bears vs Babies, you have to collect cards with different body parts to build the most ferocious monsters you can in order to defeat an army of horrible mini-humans. The campaign only has two tiers to choose from: you can get the kid-friendly core deck if you pledge $25. If you want to get the NSFW booster pack on top of the core deck, you'll have to pledge $10 more. At this point in time, the duo only has plans to release a physical card game. But if it ends up as successful as their first one, we wouldn't be surprised if they also release a mobile version.