There's an inactive one-handed keyboard hidden inside iOS code

iPhones are so big these days.

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Mat Smith
October 21st, 2016
There's an inactive one-handed keyboard hidden inside iOS code
In these days of big iPhones, smaller-handed individuals have trouble typing up a storm on their iOS devices. However, since iOS 8 (at least), Apple has toyed with an edge-swipe activated one-hand keyboard. To keep characters closer to your thumb, it squishes character keys and expands copy and paste buttons, keeping the word prediction rail above the keys. Alas, it still remains unfinished and inaccessible, hidden away in the iPhone's Xcode.

Developer Steve Troughton-Smith spotted the code inside Apple's iOS simulator, noting that the code for it has likely existed for several years, even if it hasn't surfaced in iPhones yet. Big Android phone makers like Samsung and LG have offered truncated and even floating keyboard windows after the companies moved into smartphones larger than four inches. Android's native keyboard also has a one-handed option if you need it.

Troughton-Smith even released the code chunk for jail-breakers to make a reality... if you jailbreak your iPhone. And here it is in action, albeit steered with a mouse:

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