'Pokémon Go' offering spooky bonuses for Halloween

Catch a 'mon, get twice as many candies, sell a 'mon to the professor, get twice as many candies... you get the idea.

If there's one thing our (fictional) mom always told us, it's that we shouldn't go out walking at night with our smartphone on show. The folks at Niantic Labs feel differently, and think that poorly lit Fall nights around Halloween are the perfect time for everyone to catch some pocket monsters. The company is launching its first "global in-game event" to encourage Pokémon Go players to go out and catch some spooky 'mons.

From October 26th to November 1st, "spooky" Pokémon like Gastly, Gengar and Golbat will appear much more frequently. In addition, every monster you catch will net you double the number of candies -- six, rather than the standard three. The game's buddy system is also getting a Halloween tweak, with your buddy handing you four candies instead of one every time you walk a pre-set distance. Oh, and Professor Willow will give you two candies for every monster you give up. Best grab a scarf, it's gonna be cold out there.