EE follows rivals by bundling broadband line rental prices

The provider joins Vodafone and TalkTalk in following the ASA's pricing guidance.

Corbis via Getty Images

When the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) introduced new legislation requiring UK ISPs and providers to be clearer with their broadband pricing earlier this year, some heeded the advice faster than others. Vodafone and TalkTalk were the first to bundle line rental in their broadband packages, but today EE is joining the list. As of now, customers signing up to a new broadband and calls contract will receive a clear monthly price.

As ISP Review points out, EE's simplified strategy does come at a (slight) cost. Before, customers signing up to the company's 17Mbps broadband package would pay £18.50 per month -- £1 for the first 18 months of service (rising to £10 per month afterwards) on top of the £17.50 monthly line rental. However, the updated packages now start at £19.50, which sees the bundled line rental charge rise by a pound. Customers will also be on the hook for a £7 router delivery.

"We've recently made changes to the way in which we present our home broadband pricing in line with the ASA's recommendations," says EE in a statement. "These changes complement updates made earlier this year to ensure our broadband pricing information is clear, simple and consistent for all customers, alongside providing great value for customers in the form of differentiated offers such as Data Boost and EE TV."