Lenovo, HP and Dell are all working on $300 Windows VR headsets

Microsoft's partners will bring virtual experiences to laptops and PCs.


Microsoft's holographic computing platform will cross over to the world of virtual reality. The company first revealed its hybrid-VR ambitions at Computex earlier this year and today that vision was solidified on stage at its big Surface event in New York City. Microsoft has partnered with companies like HP, ASUS, Lenovo, Dell and Acer to bring a slew of affordable VR headsets, all of which are said to start at $299.

The Windows 10-compatible headsets will rely on the forthcoming Creators Update that was also announced today as part of a larger push to bring 3D designing and scanning capabilities to the masses. The VR accessories that will launch alongside the update next spring will work with Windows PCs and will essentially be capable of bringing 3D holograms into a virtual world. While details on the new devices have not been revealed yet, the company says they will be the "first and only with inside-out" tracking sensors that are not yet available on other VR devices.

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