Microsoft unveils an ergonomic keyboard for Surface fans (updated)

There's also a new mouse and a keyboard with a fingerprint reader.

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Microsoft unveils an ergonomic keyboard for Surface fans (updated)

Surface computers (plus the Surface Dial) aren't all that's new at Microsoft's fall event. The company has quietly unveiled various Surface accessories, headlined by a Surface Ergonomic Keyboard. The wireless input device is effectively a cross between the earlier Designer Bluetooth Desktop and an ergonomic keyboard -- you get a more comfortable typing feel with quiet, low-profile keys. There's even a double-cushioned Alcantara palm rest (the same material you saw in the Signature Type Cover) that promises to be gentler on your hands even as it spruces up your desk environment. A pair of AAA batteries will power it for a full year.

There's also backlit, minimalist (i.e., non-ergonomic) Surface Keyboard for people more concerned with desk space than wrist strain, and a Surface Mouse with a metal scroll wheel. You can even get a special version of the Surface Keyboard with a fingerprint reader to help you log into Windows 10 that much faster.

All of the new add-ons will ship November 10th, and you can pre-order them today. They're definitely not the cheapest accessories you can buy, however. The base Surface Keyboard costs $100, and it'll take $130 to get the ergonomic version. (There's no price for the fingerprint keyboard as I write this.) Think of it this way, though: If you want peripherals that complement a Surface PC or just want that look and feel for a third-party system, you now have the option.

Update: Microsoft tells us that the Surface Keyboard with fingerprint reader was listed in error, and won't be available. Sorry, folks, you'll just have to log in the old-fashioned way.

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