Microsoft unveils an ergonomic keyboard for Surface fans (updated)

There's also a new mouse and a keyboard with a fingerprint reader.

Surface computers (plus the Surface Dial) aren't all that's new at Microsoft's fall event. The company has quietly unveiled various Surface accessories, headlined by a Surface Ergonomic Keyboard. The wireless input device is effectively a cross between the earlier Designer Bluetooth Desktop and an ergonomic keyboard -- you get a more comfortable typing feel with quiet, low-profile keys. There's even a double-cushioned Alcantara palm rest (the same material you saw in the Signature Type Cover) that promises to be gentler on your hands even as it spruces up your desk environment. A pair of AAA batteries will power it for a full year.

There's also backlit, minimalist (i.e., non-ergonomic) Surface Keyboard for people more concerned with desk space than wrist strain, and a Surface Mouse with a metal scroll wheel. You can even get a special version of the Surface Keyboard with a fingerprint reader to help you log into Windows 10 that much faster.

All of the new add-ons will ship November 10th, and you can pre-order them today. They're definitely not the cheapest accessories you can buy, however. The base Surface Keyboard costs $100, and it'll take $130 to get the ergonomic version. (There's no price for the fingerprint keyboard as I write this.) Think of it this way, though: If you want peripherals that complement a Surface PC or just want that look and feel for a third-party system, you now have the option.

Update: Microsoft tells us that the Surface Keyboard with fingerprint reader was listed in error, and won't be available. Sorry, folks, you'll just have to log in the old-fashioned way.

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