If someone else makes flying cars happen, Uber will be ready

Those with good ideas can email

While most of us consider flying cars something that would be cool if they were real, Uber is doing slightly more to make it happen. As profiled by Wired, the transportation company has released a 99-page whitepaper (PDF) titled "Fast-Forwarding to a Future of On-Demand Urban Air Transportation." Does that mean Uber is building flying cars to go along with its self-driving test mules? Nope, but in case someone else wants to do it, Uber is lining up to help make it happen.

Of course, they'll have to overcome a number challenges to do so (in an accompanying blog post, Uber lists certification, batteries, efficiency, reliability, air traffic control, cost, safety, noise, emissions, infrastructure and pilot training as hurdles). So, if you can figure those out, Uber is ready to piggyback on your VTOL system and completely revolutionize urban transport through the air by connecting pilots, riders and vehicles -- simple, right?