Game studios go all-out with Halloween events and sales

VR platforms, PlayStation Now and Steam are among those with treats in store.

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Game studios go all-out with Halloween events and sales

Game developers thrive on seasonal events, and that's truer than ever this Halloween. It's not just themed skins and game modes, although there are plenty of those -- there are some serious bargains to be had, whether you're a Steam veteran or just getting into virtual reality. Even PlayStation Now has some Halloween goodies. We've rounded up some of the spookier events and sales to make sure you don't miss out.

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  • Blizzard: 'Overwatch' and 'World of Warcraft'
  • Steam Halloween Sale
  • Gear VR: 'Drop Dead' and a game bundle
  • HTC Vive: Fright Fest deals
  • Sony: PlayStation Now, Sale of the Dead and 'Wick'
  • 'Grand Theft Auto Online'
  • 'Destiny:' Festival of the Lost
  • Capcom: Humble Bundle and Steam sales
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