Christmas brings 'Madden 15' demo to Xbox One and snow to 'GTA Online'

You know what goes really well together? Christmas and video games. This year we've noticed a bit of a trend: games giving away free stuff in light of the holiday. Weather, err, whether it's snow covering Los Santos in GTA Online, a six-hour trial of Madden or online multiplayer for Killer Instinct Classic, there's no shortage of goodies to keep your console (maybe you recently unwrapped a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One?) busy for the next few days. Let's recap, shall we? In addition to the aforementioned inclement weather southern San Andreas is experiencing, for a limited time you can don a gingerbread mask in GTA Online and start lethal snowball fights in addition to getting a few unspecified gifts for your inventory tomorrow.

Meanwhile, Killer Instinct Classic -- a freebie itself that was part of last year's Killer Instinct special edition -- is giving you the gift of long-distance beatdowns thanks to a free patch. If you're into violence of a different variety, tomorrow morning you can play six hours of Madden NFL 15 on Xbox One. It's similar to the deal EA Access subscribers got earlier this year and any progress made will carry over to the full game, but this time it's open to everyone. If you're aware of any other gifts we might've missed, add 'em in the comments below.