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The Morning After: Monday October 31st 2016

Happy Halloween!

The Morning After: Monday October 31st 2016
Mat Smith
Mat Smith|@thatmatsmith|October 31, 2016 6:00 AM
While today officially marks Halloween, we're sure you've already made, worn and irreversibly damaged your costume over the weekend. That's fine; we all have to come back to reality some time. And at least there are dinosaur brains, rep-counting headphones and a tour around Xiaomi's HQ -- the world's next tech giant -- to soften the blow of those Monday blues.

Clever girl.This brown lump was once a dinosaur brain.

Scientists say they have discovered the first known example of a dinosaur brain tissue fossil. It's a particularly rare find: the researchers think they got lucky, theorizing that the dinosaur's brain was preserved in highly acidic water (possibly from a bog or swamp), protecting its form before the whole animal was buried. It's already offered a better insight into how dinosaurs' brains differed from reptilian and bird gray matter.

Foodie TV without restriction.Alton Brown's internet cooking show is the spiritual successor to 'Good Eats'

If you were a fan of 'Good Eats', it's time to get excited about Alton Brown's new internet cooking show. As he revealed on a live Facebook chat, Brown will be looking to explore cooking beyond the constraints of mainstream TV broadcasting. That might include rabbit and sous vides -- and that's just the entree.

C'mon, just two more pull-ups.These headphones count reps so you don't have to

Jabra's new Sports Coach earphones can measure and coach not only your running but also cross-training style bodyweight exercises. Well, most of the time. Mat Smith struggles with push-ups in this heartwarming tale of man vs. gravity vs. sports headphones.

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The Morning After: Monday October 31st 2016