GM's car-sharing program links Uber drivers to weekly rentals

Maven's pilot program for Uber closely resembles its 'Express Drive' initiative for Lyft.

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GM's car-sharing program links Uber drivers to weekly rentals

While we mostly think of GM's Maven program as just a ZipCar-like car sharing service, it's more generally an option for "flexible" access to vehicles. That's why Maven is a part of Lyft's Express Drive program that offers up short term rentals for drivers, and today it announced a partnership with Uber. Launching with a 90 day pilot in San Francisco, it lets Uber drivers lease a Chevrolet Cruze, Malibu or Trax for $179 per week (plus fees) with no mileage limit, and insurance is included.

From Uber's side, regional general manager Rachel Holt says "This partnership with Maven combines our vast ridesharing network with GM's extensive fleet vehicles and gives people without access to a car the ability to easily make money driving on the Uber platform." In the same statement, GM VP Julia Steyn says "Only 10 months after launching Maven, we have implemented viable business-to-business platforms that GM can leverage to manage residual values for ex-lease and fleet vehicles."

It's an odd partnership for GM since the company has invested in Lyft, but this will give it more opportunities to get cars on the streets. As Recode mentions, Uber also has a leasing program through Enterprise that offers drivers cars for $215 per week. Adding on the price of gas, we'll let you do the math on how many rides you'll need to make the numbers work.

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