Re-skin Kratos with the official PlayStation coloring book

It's like low-res game design for babies.

What do you get when you mash up a coloring book for grown-ups with a wildly popular video game platform? The entirely unnecessary, but completely official PlayStation coloring book, featuring colorless artwork from some of video gaming's most beloved franchises.

"Since the PS one first came into our homes, PlayStation has always been a symbol of quality gameplay, pushing the boundaries of entertainment," an announcement from Sony EU says, attempting to justify the existence of Art For The Players. "One of the unique factors which has made it such an exciting platform for players is the incredible creativity and eye-wateringly good art at the heart of the games."

So, what better way to celebrate that boundary-pushing art from games like Bloodborne, Little Big World and Uncharted than to strip it all down to nearly nothing and re-create it with even fewer colors? So, forget the PS4 Pro. And leave your PSVR headset in the box. Next time you're looking for some PlayStation action, reach for the your PlayStation coloring book and a well-sharpened, old-fashioned set of colored pencils. At least you won't have to worry about PSN outages.

The book is available for £9.98 from Amazon UK or you can just download and print a couple high-res pages here.