Valve is testing DualShock 4 support in Steam's beta channel

Now there's a more traditional Steam Controller.

Future Publishing via Getty Images

If you never quite got the hang of Valve's weird touch-pad laden game controller, you're in luck: The company is, as promised, testing out Steam Configuration support for the DualShock 4. Steam beta client users can now customize every button on the PlayStation 4 gamepad using the same key-mapping interface Valve uses for its own Steam Controller. This makes the more traditional gamepad compatible with every non-VR title in the Steam library -- even those without native controller support.

Why choose the PlayStation 4 controller as Steam's next officially supported gamepad? Well, it turns out the DualShock 4 and the Steam Controller have a lot in common -- in addition to having a standard gamepad layout, the DualShock 4 also features a touchpad and gyro sensor that can be mapped to mouse or joystick movement. Properly configured, this means the DS4 can be used to navigate mouse-only menus and implement Splatoon-like tilt controls in first person shooters.

For now, DualShock 4 support is only available in Steam's beta client, and even then it needs to be activated in a special menu. Still, it's a great alternative for PC gamers that want more control options, but weren't interested in learning how to use Valve's official gamepad.