Adobe's powerful Photoshop Fix app finally arrives on Android

The software brought desktop editing tools to iOS a year ago.

Adobe isn't always quick to bring new creative apps and features to Android. It took the company over a year to deliver a version of Photoshop Fix for those devices. After making its debut for iOS last October, the mobile software brings some powerful desktop editing tools to phones and tablets that run Google's OS. Tools like the face-aware Liquify tool to adjust facial expressions are here alongside Heal, Smooth and other adjustments that can make precise changes to images from a mobile device.

Photoshop Fix for Android also offers tools to tweak more general characteristics like focus, color and paint as well as the ability to adjust exposure, saturation, contrast and more. When you get back to your desktop machine, Adobe's CreativeSync tech takes the work you've started on mobile and packages it in a layered PSD file so you can easily continue the task. Of course, you'll need a Creative Cloud subscription to employ that workflow.

If you aren't paying for Adobe's suite of creative apps, you can still use Photoshop Fix on an Android device, but you won't have access to the handy sync features that allow the company's mobile and desktop offerings to work together. If you're looking to give it a go, Photoshop Fix is available for free at Google Play.