Genealogy service's DNA test helps you find your roots

MyHeritage has introduced a gene kit that identifies the ethnic and geographic history of your family.

Genealogy services are all about tracing your family's history, so it makes sense for one of these services to identify your genetic history, doesn't it? MyHeritage sure thinks so. It's introducing a $79/£79 MyHeritage DNA kit that offers a detailed look at not only your ethnic roots, but your geographic connections as well. Are you from eastern Europe, or northern Africa? You might just find out when your swab test results are ready in 3 to 4 weeks. Your report will even show you potential DNA matches with others, in case someone else is a distant relative.

The initial reports only account for 25 ethnic groups, but that should grow to 100-plus over time. Also, MyHeritage is jumpstarting its DNA library by giving away 5,000 free testing kits to existing members. Even if you're an early adopter, there will likely be some point of comparison.

Of course, ancestry-oriented gene testing is nothing new -- 23andMe revolves around it. However, MyHeritage is counting on both its existing genealogy customers (it has 85 million registered users) and its higher-resolution tests as ways of beating rivals. If you can settle the question of where your origins lay with a high degree of precision, you might be more willing to fork over cash.