The Morning After: Monday, November 7, 2016

Like a shovel to the face.

While you were weekending, you might have missed Roku's cheap, entry-level video streamer, our first 24 hours with Olympus' intriguing new camera and Samsung's attempts to hype up its next smartphone way in advance. What's going on this week? Well, there's a certain election happening on Tuesday...

The time is now for cheap set-top boxesReview: Roku's new $30 player is more intriguing than its high-end siblings

The Roku Express is a streaming marvel thanks to its low price. If you can live with some speed issues, it's perfect for bringing streaming video to screens all over your house -- and could well be your first set-top box.

The Mark II is all about speed, image stabilization -- and heft24 hours with Olympus' new OM-D E-M1 Mark II

After a day of using Olympus' OM-D E-M1 Mark II, Edgar Alvarez says capturing moving subjects is a breeze, especially compared to its aging predecessor. He's crediting the performance to the new AF system and improved tracking performance. However, a bigger battery ensures it's heavier than the original E-M1. Intrigued? Then take a look at the sample images -- and expect a deeper rundown later this week.

Samsung starts to hype up its next smartphone'Forget about the Note 7, let's talk about the Galaxy S8!'

It's unusual for Samsung to start discussing its future smartphones months in advance. However, given its recent exploding phone issues -- it's not hard to see why the company is already teasing what's coming next. Following the purchase of Viv, an AI platform from the makers of Siri, it looks like artificial intelligence will be a major feature of Samsung's next flagship phone.

Tips and cheats, but only for a weekendNintendo is reviving its NES' hint phoneline

Alongside the launch of the NES Classic Edition on November 11th, Nintendo is resurrecting its Power Line tips hotline next week weekend. Call 425-885-7529 between 9AM and 10PM Eastern each day (until the night of the 13th) and you too can pretend that the internet doesn't exist, and listen to hints for "several" NES games as well as tales from those who manned the phone-lines back in the day.

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