Hyperloop One shows how its first routes could work

As part of a deal with Dubai, it gave a peek at how its super-fast transportation would work in the UAE.

Hyperloop One's plans for super-fast tube transportation are shaping up. The company, partnering with the city of Dubai, has introduced a concept that illustrates how an autonomous Hyperloop system would work in the United Arab Emirates alongside existing infrastructure. There would be several Portals (read: stations) strung across Dubai proper (including at the Burj Khalifa), as well as a connection between Dubai and Abu Dhabi that would drastically reduce the time it takes to travel between cities -- you'd get from one to the other in 12 minutes instead of the usual 2 hours by car.

The concept also includes preliminary designs for Pods (aka vehicles), and it's clear that Hyperloop One would be catering to the UAE's wealthy crowd. There would be posh interiors and optional seating arrangements that would accommodate groups (for those on-the-go meetings, naturally) as well as solo luxury travelers.

It's important to remember that this is a concept, not a firm production plan. Hyperloop One is working with partners on a "detailed feasibility study" to see how well it can implement this system in real life. You may not see this version in practice, and any finished Hyperloop system (assuming there are no obstacles) is years off. Still, between this and manufacturing getting underway, it's evident that the company has an idea of how to make its vision become reality -- the big challenge is following through.