Penn students targeted in racist, violent GroupMe campaign (Updated)

Some garbage human started the "N--er Lynching" group and specifically targeted freshmen people of color.

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John Greim/LightRocket via Getty Images
John Greim/LightRocket via Getty Images

It's barely been 72 hours since Donald Trump was elected president and the racism that his campaign stoked over the last 15 months has already burst through its floodgates. Since the race was called, Twitter has been awash in stories of minority citizens being bullied, harassed, threatened and physically assaulted by newly emboldened white nationalists. On Friday, that racist tide flooded through Penn University when someone launched a virulently bigoted GroupMe board titled "N--er Lynching" and then added a number of black freshmen at the school.

Calvary Rogers, a freshman at the university, first brought the group to the administration's attention. Soon after, however, numerous students began posting their own reactions to the group on social media.

By 3:40, the University had determined that the OP "appears to based in Oklahoma" and that the school was working with authorities to determine the origin of the posts. "Our police and information security staff are trying to locate the exact source," Penn spokesperson Ron Ozio said over email to BillyPenn, "and see what steps can be taken to cut the account off."

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