OnePlus already has a new flagship with modest upgrades

The OnePlus 3 isn't even cold yet.

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OnePlus already has a new flagship with modest upgrades

It hasn't even been six months since OnePlus took the wraps off its latest flagship, and the company already has an upgraded version. The OnePlus 3T will replace the OnePlus 3, bringing improvements like a newer Snapdragon 821 CPU, a larger battery and sharper front camera. Of course, these enhancements come at a price. The OnePlus 3T starts at $439 for a 64GB model -- a $40 increase over the original.

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Although it hasn't gained any girth or heft, the OnePlus 3T managed to squeeze in a larger 3,400mAh battery -- a 400mAh increase over its predecessor. That, together with the power efficiency of the new chip, should make for longer battery life. The original OnePlus 3 already delivered pretty impressive endurance during our review, so this could mean even more stamina. Plus, it supports rapid charging, with OnePlus claiming a day's worth of juice after just a half-hour of being plugged in.

While a 16-megapixel front camera sounds like a horrifying way to show your followers just how large your pores actually are, OnePlus said it made the 3T's selfie lens sharper for better livestream quality. The rear camera now has a sapphire crystal cover for protection against scratches.

Although most companies wait a year before refreshing their flagships, OnePlus said it wanted to make sure its customers "do not have to wait for the best possible user experience." The indie phone maker is able to offer such a quick update schedule, it said, primarily because it's focusing on a small selection of markets, instead of expanding to more areas globally. That, and its small size and startup culture allows it to be more agile than the Apples and Samsungs of the world.

The OnePlus 3T appears, on paper, to be a solid replacement for the OnePlus 3, which the company will soon stop selling. If you still want an excellent phone for $400, you might want to grab the OnePlus 3 before it sells out for good. However, if you'd like a faster, potentially longer-lasting phone with a super sharp front camera, the OnePlus 3T will be available on November 22nd. You can get a 128GB option for $479. Those who prefer the soft gold-colored version will have to wait (we don't know how long) until those become available.

Oh, and remember OnePlus' notorious supply problems? They shouldn't be an issue this time around. The company told Engadget it already has product available and awaiting shipment in the US. Stay tuned for our review to see if the specs improvements translate to real-world enhancements for the OnePlus 3T.

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