Coke made a selfie bottle because the world surely needed one

The world can thank Coca-Cola Israel for this.

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Coca-Cola Israel
Coca-Cola Israel
Coca-Cola Israel has developed a gizmo that makes selfie sticks look tame and normal in comparison. The company attached a camera-equipped base to a 500 ml Coke to create what it calls the "world's first selfie bottle." It automatically takes photos when it detects a 70-degree tilt, and you can transfer photos through its USB port. Thankfully, it doesn't sound like you'll start seeing people posing with a Coke bottle on their faces everywhere you go. The selfie bottle was created by an ad agency called the Gefen Team as a marketing gimmick for Coke's Summer Love outdoor event in Israel. The idea was to get partygoers to upload their photos on Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram -- with the appropriate hashtag, of course. As you can guess, it did the trick. Hey, humanity might not need a selfie bottle, but it at least takes photos from a good angle.
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