Volvo Concierge brings the gas station to you

With a few taps, you can get your Volvo washed without leaving the house.

Today at the LA Auto Show, Swedish car maker Volvo introduced its new Concierge app. The application is a quick way to get third-party vendors to wash, refuel and service Volvos. The best part is that you don't even have to leave your house to have any of these services completed.

So you can stay indoors and keep binge watching Luke Cage while a vendor that has been vetted by Volvo takes care of your car. You don't even have to hand over your keys; the app creates a one-time digital key to open the vehicle. Once service on the car has been completed, the digital key is revoked and the car locks itself.

Volvo says that the service is open to add additional third-party companies, but it will be vetting vendors before they are added to Concierge. It's also not adding all Volvo owners to the service initially.

A pilot program will run for about six months in San Francisco. After that pilot period ends, the company says it's keen to start rolling out the service to owners of the new CX90 SUVs and S90s. The automaker notes that for the app to work, the vehicles require hardware only found in those cars.

Volvo Concierge: First Look