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GoPro compensates Karma buyers with free Hero5 cameras

You might have had to send your drone in for a recall, but you'll get something for your trouble.

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Jon Fingas
November 20th, 2016
GoPro compensates Karma buyers with free Hero5 cameras

We won't blame you if you're upset that GoPro had to recall your Karma drone over sudden power losses, but at least you're getting compensation for your trouble. GoPro is offering American Karma buyers a free Hero5 Black camera once they return both their drones and the accessories that came with them. That's on top of the full refund during the investigation, we'd add. While this won't completely make up for having to go droneless (or, gasp, look for an alternative), you won't have to go empty-handed -- and GoPro won't have to worry so much about customers holding on to their Karmas at all costs.

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