Microsoft's 'Solitaire' heads to iOS and Android

Because we really needed more Solitaire games.

If you're one of the millions addicted to Microsoft's Solitaire on Windows, now you'll be able to get your card fix for free on iOS and Android. This marks the first time the Solitaire Collection has appeared outside of Windows, as The Verge reports. The mobile version will include FreeCell, Klondike, Spider, Tripeaks and Pyramid game modes, and it'll sport Xbox Live integration as well, so you you won't have to play it alone. (Yes, I realize that's the point of Solitaire for many.)

While there are already countless versions of Solitaire available for iOS and Android, it makes sense for Microsoft to bring its popular version of the game over. I know some PC users who refuse to play anything but Microsoft's version of the game. While both versions are free, you can also shell out $2 a month for a "Premium Edition," which will remove ads and double coin rewards.