'Star Trek: Discovery' casts Michelle Yeoh

It's not known what character Yeoh will play, but it's likely she's going to be the star.

Nicholas Meyer has let it slip that Michelle Yeoh has joined the cast of the upcoming CBS show Star Trek: Discovery. The show's consulting producer dropped the bombshell while talking to ComingSoon about the Blu-ray of his classic movie, Time After Time. While Meyer wouldn't confirm what role Yeoh had taken, it's entirely plausible that she's going to be the shows star, the as-yet unnamed "Number One."

Well before Bryan Fuller announced that he was stepping back from his duties on the show, he outlined his vision for Discovery. He explained that his vision for the show would center upon a Lt. Commander of a starship rather than the captain, and that he wanted the character to be a woman. Speculation immediately pointed towards Angela Basset and Rosario Dawson, both of whom Fuller had previously praised.

It's possible that with Dawson and Bassett both tied in to shooting Marvel-based adventures in the near future, neither had space in their schedule. Then again, there are six more characters that need to be cast, so it's just as likely that Bassett and Dawson may find the time to head out to the 2250s.