HitFilm's VFX software now supports 8K and 360-degree video

For the 'Star Wars' or Marvel fan that wants to take their fan films to the next level.

Earlier this year, we brought you the story of FXHome, a British software company that builds VFX software for the YouTube generation. Now, the outfit is updating its paid-for tier, HitFilm Pro, for 2017 with a new series of tools, including support for 360-degree video and action camera footage. As well as various software tweaks, the editing suite can now crunch 8K video as well as more than 500 built-in visual effects.

Of course, HitFilm was conceived by Star Wars fans, for Star Wars fans, so as well as all of the pro-level technical tweaks, there's something for our inner child. The software now comes with "massively upgraded" rotoscoping and lightsaber effects, and you can even apply lightsaber effects to text.

While another new feature is the ability to automatically sync your high-quality audio with the in-camera feed. That way, editors can ensure that their sound and vision never falls out of step with one another. It also, naturally, saves the hard work of trying to do that manually, which can be something of a chore.

HitFilm Pro 2017 is available for $349 / £309 with a license that'll let you install it on three machines, or as an upgrade from $189.