Netflix vs Amazon - Which Is Better Streaming Service Provider

Shekhar Mishra
S. Mishra|11.28.16

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Shekhar Mishra
November 28th, 2016
Netflix vs Amazon - Which Is Better Streaming Service Provider
Netflix vs Amazon - Which Is Better Streaming Service Provider

We all know the success story of Netflix. In fact, most of us have Netflix app on our smartphone. They revolutionized the way we could watch movies and TV series. Instead of waiting for the Showtime you can watch your favorite movie or TV videos on your own time, in high quality and at a nominal price.

Since the inception of Netflix, many Online streaming services has been launched, and some of them did well in giving stiff competition to Netflix. One of them is Amazon Prime Video, which was initiated in 2006 as Unbox but changed into Amazon Video, a couple of years later.

Both Netflix and Amazon are leaders in On Deman Video providers, and it is, therefore, mandatory to compare them based on the services they provide, price, video quality, the quantity of content and some other parameters.

10 Point Comparison of Amazon Video & Netflix

1. Price

Both Amazon and Netflix provide a one-month free trial, which gives you enough time to explore all features.In Amazon

In Amazon free trial includes all the services under its Prime membership -Kindle EBook Library, Movie and TV shows, Music streaming and free speedy delivery of products. Students can get the free trial of 6 months, for that you have to fill some forms on their site.

Netflix, on the other hand, provides HD quality video and full access to their TV and Movie library in its free trial version.

After the expiration of the trial period, you can purchase Video Only subscription of Amazon at $8 per month. On the other hand, Netflix's monthly subscription pack also starts of $8 per month.

2. Video Quality

Both Amazon Prime and Netflix offer 4K video. They also offer HDR quality for some shows. The Only difference is that Amazon doesn't charge anything extra to access these high-quality videos, in the case of Netflix you have to pay more.

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3. Supported Device

Both Amazon and Netflix supports almost all possible platform on which you can stream high-quality videos. These includes, Smart TV, Smartphones, Tablet, Game Console, etc. One difference between them is that Netflix supports more models than Amazon in each of these categories.

For example, Netflix supports Smart TV of brands like Sony, Samsung, Sharp, LG, Philips, Panasonic, Toshiba. On the other hand, Amazon supports Smart TV of brands like Sony, Samsung, LG, Panasonic

4. Features

On Netflix, once you subscribe to one of its plans, everything from its library can be streamed without any restriction. In the case of Amazon, only those videos with the banner of 'Prime' can be streamed while others can only be watched if you buy it or rent it.

On Netflix, you can create multiple accounts inside one subscription, which is not possible on Amazon. Although Amazon provides offline mode, where you can save a video to watch it later.

5. Original Contents

Netflix has created some of the best shows in recent times which includes House Of Cards; Orange Is The New Black, Narcos and much more. Most recently they created a thrilling political drama Designated Survivor.

Amazon, on the other hand, started off slowly in producing original contents. But now Amazon has stepped up to this game and has taken Netflix-like approach. One of their high-quality comedy-drama Transparent recently won Golden Globe awards.

6. Movie Library

One of the main reason to subscribe services like this is that they give you the option to watch movies online, anytime and anywhere.

Both Amazon and Netflix tie when it comes to film titles in their library. The title ranges anywhere between 3000-5000. Amazon has a slightly upper hand regarding quantity.

Amazon also gives you access to check its library without buying any subscription, although there are many sites which provide this service for Netflix.

7. TV Show Library

When it comes to TV Shows, Amazon has more options than Netflix. On Netflix, you can watch any show only after the finale of the current season. On the other hand, Amazon provides latest episodes of some shows from their content partners like MTV, Comedy Central, and Nickelodeon.

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