Prescription lenses for Snapchat Spectacles start at $99 (update)

But only if you don't require a powerful prescription.

Noel Vasquez/Getty Images

Snapchat's video-recording Spectacles are super cool, but for folks who need prescription glasses they're just another tech accessory that they can't wear comfortably. Until now. The fine people who made prescription lenses for Google Glass at Rochester Optical will do the same for the ghostly wearable. Pricing starts at $99 for normal lenses, but pricing goes up for fancy options. High-index lenses are physically stronger and help slim down any Coke-bottle prescriptions, but they'll run you $149. Polarized and photochromic options cost $200. That's in addition to the $130 for Spectacles themselves, mind you.

As Mashable reports, you'll have to place an order for the glasses and have them shipped directly to Rochester's facilities. From there the company makes custom-fit lenses based on your prescription. And that's where the devil resides: a note to opticians says that prescription total power can't exceed -5 diopters. So if you're blind as a bat like me, even this service might not be any help.

Update: Rochester Optical reached out and provided the following clarification:

"Rochester Optical does not have a limit on prescription optical powers. We'll work with most Rx powers even though SnapChat suggested no more than total Rx power of -5.0 Diopter. We offer standard plastic lenses and various high index lenses. We are proud to say that we have skill technicians and state of art equipment to manufacture lenses for strong prescriptions. The determination factors and recommendations are mostly based on the quality of optics, cosmetics, comfort and weight of the lenses. "