Recommended Reading: Should Facebook start fact-checking news?

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Paul Morris/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Facebook Shouldn't

Jessica Lessin,
The New York Times

How should Facebook combat fake news? The company isn't sure yet, but one tech journalist argues fact-checking isn't the answer. The Information's editor-in-chief Jessica Lessin penned an op-ed for The New York Times this week explaining why Facebook shouldn't take on the task of fact-checking news links that its users share on the site. From censorship to truth not always being black and white, this piece lays out why the social network allowing editors to decide what's newsworthy could impact privacy and journalism as a whole.

Reddit Is Tearing Itself Apart
Bryan Menegus, Gizmodo

The_Donald, a community of Trump supporters, is posting coded hate speech, going after other Redditors and breaking the site's basic rules of use while the folks running Reddit aren't helping combat the problem.

Is VR Technology About to Revolutionize the Way We Experience Music?
Chris Kelly, FACT

The combination of VR music videos and affordable headsets that run off of your phone could mean big changes for how artists get their music to fans.

The Fault in Stars Hollow
Megan Garber, The Atlantic

There were multiple noteworthy Gilmore Girls pieces over at The Atlantic this week, including an analysis of why Rory never made it as a journalist. This one addresses the town's biggest flaw: It's unwelcoming to outsiders.

Go Ahead, Get Sweaty. Microparticles Can Cool You Down
Tim Newcomb, Wired

A company is using microscopic particles from coconut shells and volcanic sands in clothing to evaporate sweat more efficiently and keep you cooler during a workout.