Dropbox saves whole folders for offline viewing on mobile

But only if you have a premium account.

Look, it's not hard to save Dropbox files for offline viewing on mobile. But when you need to make sure you have access to a bevy of documents for work or school wherever you go, the app's latest premium feature sounds like a useful addition. The service has launched the ability to save whole folders offline with just a couple of taps. By doing so, you can load all the files it contains on a smartphone even if you're on a train, a building or in remote areas with no WiFi and spotty mobile internet.

It also helps that the app keeps whatever is in that folder synced -- if a co-worker or a classmate uploads a new file or updates one, you'll get access to it as soon as your phone goes online. Like we said, though, this is a "premium" feature that you can only access if you have a Dropbox Pro, Business or Enterprise account. We're afraid you'll have to upgrade if you only have basic Dropbox. The feature will go live on the latest version of the Android app within the next few days. If you have an iPhone or an iPad, keep an eye out for its rollout to iOS devices early next year.