5 things you need to consider while choosing a GPS tracker for your car

If you are a vehicle owner, vehicle tracking can be useful in lots of situation. Whether you lost your car or forgot your parking area or you simply wanted to track the location of your car while your family members were driving it, car tracking can be quite useful. One of the most popular car tracking technology is GPS tracking. GPS tracking is now popular in both personal and business vehicle tracking. The basic function of a GPS tracker is to show you real-time location of your vehicle on a map. However, the quality of GPS tracker determines how the data is transferred from their server to the user.
There are different factors to be considered while choosing a GPS tracker. 5 of the most important factors are highlighted below:

i.) Passive tracking system vs. Real-time tracking system
Passive GPS system store all their data in the receiver unit. It can be downloaded to the local server only after the vehicle returns to the headquarter. Downloading requires a Wi-Fi hotspot. If memory capacity of the storage exceeds, there may be a risk of data loss. This usually happens when vehicle stays out of the coverage for the long period. The passive system gathers information in every 30 seconds and requires a large amount of memory to store the data.
Real-time GPS system uses satellite modem along with the GPS. It will continuously update the data into the local server based on predetermined frequency. Due to continuous update of data, there is no risk of data loss.

ii.) Dispatching
With Real Time system, effective dispatching is possible. In real time system, the user can know the status and location of the vehicle any time on the map. This feature enables effective management in case of emergency.

iii.) Cost
With the improved technology, the cost of real-time devices is reducing day to day. Real-time technology devices used to be more expensive in past but now it is identical to passive technology devices. According to a famous Toronto Party Bus Rental service provider, they shifted from passive technology to real-time technology a few years ago, due to the decrease in costing.

iv.) Notifications and Alerts
Real time notification and alerts are only possible with the real-time GPS system. In a passive tracking system, the user can only get a notification once the vehicle return to the headquarters. In Real time tracking, the user can get notification alert via email or mobile phone easily. Alert preferences can be customized easily. For eg: You might want to enable alert if the vehicle reaches the certain speed or enter a certain geographic area.

v.) Quality of Map
The mapping feature of GPS tracker allows the user to track the street, zoom the street view and see the real-time activities. The GPS system should be integrated with the good mapping provider. Mapping provider such as Google Map and Bing Map are considered to be accurate and up-to-date.