Prescription lenses for Snapchat's Spectacles just got cheaper

They now start at $29, as long as you install them yourself.

Getty Images

While Snapchat's Spectacles are pretty neat, they're not ideal for those who need prescription lenses. A couple weeks ago, however, Rochester Optical announced that it would offer corrective lenses for the video-recording glasses for only $99. That sounds pretty good, right? Well, GlassesUSA announced today that it would offer the same thing starting at only $29 for single vision lenses.

The catch here is that you'll need to have your very own pair of Snapchat Spectacles to start with. That's because you're only ordering the lenses themselves. Simply enter in your prescription and then you can choose from a variety of lenses such as reflective lenses, tinted sunglasses, transition lenses, computer "digital block" lenses" and more. Once you receive the lenses through the mail, you'll be able to "snap" those lenses in place yourself by following a how-to tutorial. There's no need to send the Specs to a specialty retailer.

It all seems pretty easy enough, though the trick is getting those Snapchat Spectacles in the first place. Better head on over to New York City to get your pair now.