Google Home's new actions include food, news and more

You can even use it to misdiagnose yourself with WebMD.

Amazon's Echo line already has a truckload of skills that tap into Alexa's ability to lend a hand with tasks, and the company adds new ones on a what seems like a weekly basis. This week, Google announced Netflix support for its connected Home speaker through Chromecast alongside the ability to display images from Google Photos. It turns out that was just the beginning as Google revealed over 30 more actions for Home from third-party developers.

Using voice commands, you can try to find out why you feel crappy with WebMD, sort your to-do list with Todoist, order pizza from Domino's and get news updates from the likes of The Wall Street Journal, NBC News, NPR and more. And those are just a few examples. The so-called Conversation Actions from dozens of companies will roll out over the coming weeks, but some are already available.

VentureBeat reports that this is the largest addition of actions since Home launched and there are now 35 third-party options total. 32 of those are available now. We were able to confirm that the collection of services are accessible inside the Google Home app.

The new features for Google Home follow the company's announcement that it was opening up those Conversation Actions from its Assistant to other developers earlier this month. Of course, those tools play nice with the company's Pixel phones, too. To get in on the actions, er, action, for the household gadget, head to the Services section of the Settings menu inside the Google Home app for Android and iOS.