Google Home now plays nice with Sony speakers and Android TVs

Let Google's Assistant tackle that multi-room audio setup.

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Andrew Dalton
December 20th, 2016
Google Home now plays nice with Sony speakers and Android TVs

Google Home already allows you to control any connected Chromecast devices with simple voice commands, but if the device is really going to compete with Amazon's Echo line, it's going to need a bigger ecosystem to play in. Starting today, however, users with Sony speakers or Android TV sets can start taking advantage of Google Home's voice commands to control music and video streaming without the need for a complicated smart home setup.

According to Sony, a firmware update for all its "Chromecast built-in" speakers and Android TV-equipped sets adds the missing support for Google's smart hub and personal assistant. That means commands like "OK Google, play Spotify on my Sony speaker" will automatically route the audio to your desired speaker. Likewise, calling out, "OK Google, play Stranger Things from Netflix on the TV" will also work with any of Sony's Android TV sets like the Bravia line or its latest 4K HDR panels. Finally, for users with multi-room audio setups, you can use Google's app to group together speakers or even sync the audio across any combination of compatible Chromecast devices including Sony equipment and the Google Home itself.

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