Pre-orders open for the 'first internet-connected' keyboard

The company promises productivity boosts thanks to user-defined key colors.

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Pre-orders open for the 'first internet-connected' keyboard

Das Keyboard is best known for its high-end mechanical keyboards, and now it's taking them online. Next month at CES the company will debut "the world's first cloud connected keyboard" that streams info from the web right to the input device. Rather than putting a display on the keyboard itself, info and notifications pop up as user-defined colors on the 5Q's standard QWERTY layout.

So, if you wanted to know when a specific task was getting closer to being due, you could map it to the tilde key, having it increase its flashing speed or change colors the closer you were to your deadline.

The company promises an open API so that anyone can develop scripts or shortcuts for the device. And of course, the action of the keyboard sounds top notch as well, with a new "Gamma-Zulu" mechanical switch that boasts a 1.5mm actuation point and will apparently withstand 100 million presses before wearing out.

Preorders are now open for $229 in case you missed out on the Kickstarter earlier this year.

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