The Das Keyboard 5Q is for working smarter, not harder

This mechanical keyboard is all about simplifying business in a very stylish way.

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The Das Keyboard 5Q is for working smarter, not harder

Das Keyboard is behind some of the most impressive mechanical keyboards around. If you're a keyboard snob, you've probably used one or two in your life. If you like customization and keyboards that do way more than just help you put words together, you're going to want to check out the Das Keyboard 5Q.

The 5Q is a cloud-connected, open API RGB mechanic keyboard and it's up on Kickstarter now seeking $100,000 in funding. Not only can you customize each key to be color-controlled via the Internet, but it's capable of allowing you to stream information directly to your keyboard. For instance, communicate important statistics to yourself by coding your numerical keys as a bar graph that represents productivity at your company, or allot special colors to keys to show whether or not a test you were waiting on passed or not.

The keyboard will also feature special Gamma Zulu switches by Omron that can withstand 100 million actuations. There are 104 of them on each 5Q model, and they offer 1.5 mm actuation for speed. Beneath each key is an LED pipe with RGBs that are several times brighter than others on the market. In short, they're meant to be colorful and attention-grabbing.

Das Keyboard is all about helping you work smarter with this infinitely more intelligent keyboard, and it seems like a pretty good investment if you're looking to get things done a lot faster. If you're interested in backing it, you can head over to its Kickstarter page here.

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