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Samsung's robotic vacuum takes Amazon Echo voice commands

The smaller Powerbot VR7000 more easily fits under your sofa, too.

Samsung has revealed Powerbot VR7000, a robotic vacuum you can control with your Amazon Echo. The company says that, in fact, all of its WiFi-enabled Powerbot vacuums will work with Alexa, including, presumably, current connected models like the Powerbot WiFi. It didn't say what you can command your bots to do, but the Neato Botvac (which beat Samsung to the punch by adding an Alexa "Skill" last month) basically just lets you start and stop cleaning.

The 20 watt robo-vac is considerably smaller (28 percent) than past models, Samsung said, helping it more easily duck under couches or beds. It can also get as close as a half inch (15mm) to a wall and avoid objects as small as a quarter inch, thanks to the front placement of the wide 11-inch brush and "FullView Sensor 2.0." Other features include a self-cleaning brush, room contour mapping, adjustable suction levels depending on the surface and full remote control with a smartphone (via WiFi).

Samsung didn't mention the price or availability, but it will show off the Powerbot VR7000 at CES 2017, which starts on Tuesday, January 3rd (yep, that's in just six days). Since we of course want to command our robot servant to get cleaning, preferably while we sip a Mai Tai, we'll try to get a closer look during the show.