Soylent relaunches its troubled powder, adds new drink flavors

Its ready-to-drink range adds cacao and nectar flavors in 2017, while powder customers can look forward to settled stomachs.

Soylent had a pretty terrible 2016. After recalling its meal bars after reports of vomiting and diarrhea from its users, the company also had to withdraw its debut product: the powder used to make meal-substitute shakes. While Soylent relaunched the powder for sale online last week, the bars are still MIA. However, if you like your meals shapeless and mono-colored, the company has doubled down on its pre-made 'drink in a bottle' beverages, adding two new flavors. These drinks apparently didn't contain the algal flour that's suspected of causing all that tummy trouble.

You can now pick up bottles in new cacao and nectar flavors over at Amazon and the upgraded powder is back on sale at Soylent's own online store. The company says that Powder 1.7 "will no longer include algal flour."

"With these changes, our team believes we have responded to the issues a small number of community members experienced after consuming Powder 1.6." Soylent adds that user feedback has led it to also slightly reduce the sweetness of the powder, and made the consistency slightly less thicker. Which is great and all, but we're more concerned with those ole' gastrointestinal reaction. Who's interested in a taste test?