Trading card maker Topps hit by security breach in 2016

The company says one or more intruders infiltrated its system mid-year.

Jay Paul/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Topps, the iconic maker of Star Wars, Frozen and various sports-related trading cards, has just notified its customers of security breaches that happened earlier this year. In it, the company has admitted that one or more intruders infiltrated its system and "may have gained access to [customers'] names, addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, debit or credit card numbers, card expiration days and card verification numbers." Topps said it didn't find out about the intruders until October 12th, but anyone who bought items through its website from June 30th to that date could be affected. Upon discovering the breaches, it worked with a security firm to fix the vulnerability the hackers exploited and to fortify its system.

Back in June, Chris Vickery from the MacKeeper Security Research Center talked about stumbling across databases containing user data from Bunt, Huddle and Kick, three of Topps' mobile apps. He said he sent multiple emails to the company, but they were all ignored. It's unclear if he was talking about the same breaches, but it's best to take precautions all the same. Topps is offering a year's worth of identity theft protection to anyone whose data might be compromised. If you purchased anything from the company within the timeframe it mentioned, check out Topps' email for full details before December 31st next year.