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Alcatel OneTouch unveils its first Windows 10 tablet

The Pixi 3 tablet packs Windows 10 Mobile, an 8-inch screen and (hopefully) a low price.

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Alcatel OneTouch is primarily focusing on Android phones these days, but it's not averse to showing Microsoft some affection. The company is coming to CES with the Pixi 3 tablet, its first slate running Windows 10 Mobile (or any mobile version of Windows, for that matter). There's not much to say about the 8-inch device's specs just yet, but Alcatel is promising GPS, TV remote control and voice call support in an "entry level" design. In short, you won't pay much to get a fairly complete Windows experience -- the only unknowns for the Pixi 3 are its exact price and when it ships.

Update 1/5: The tablet will sell for the equivalent of $199 in Europe and Latin America. There's no mention of a US release, but Alcatel OneTouch is open to the possibility if there's enough demand.

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