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Now you can control and monitor your home's security without leaving the couch.
Save announced on Monday that its turnkey security suite now works with both the Apple TV and the Amazon Echo. The Apple TV integration will allow users to remotely access video feeds from cameras directly through the company's on-screen app. Users will also be able to control the camera's pan and tilt functions with their Siri remote in addition to the being able to do so on their AppleWatch or mobile device. Folks who aren't part of the Apple ecosystem aren't completely out of luck, mind you. Those who own an Amazon Echo can now interact with their security system through the device – well, at least, they'll be able to interact with their lights and thermostat.

I was able to take a quick look at the new system at at CES Unveiled. While the showroom was far too noisy to effectively dictate commands to the Echo, being able to simply shout out what you want to happen -- ie, "Alexa turn on the living room lights" -- is far more intuitive than having to fish your phone out of your pocket or bag, launch the app and then manually toggle the virtual switch. Almost as easy as flipping the physical switch. Similarly, the new Apple TV integration should prove a boon to security-minded couch potatoes as it will allow them to, say, see who's at the front door or what the crash in the basement was without ever getting off their duffs.

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