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The 3DRudder is a $175 VR controller for your feet

Using your feet is a natural way to navigate virtual worlds.
Richard Lawler, @Rjcc
01.04.16 in AV

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Last year 3DRudder let us put our kicks on its feet-based motion controller, but it wasn't quite ready for the full VR demo. This year the team is back with an Oculus headset attached so we can get the proper experience. From my experience, the balance board isn't much different than what we've seen, as its embedded gyroscope, accelerometer and pressure sensors gave me hands-free control through a 3D environment with six degrees of freedom. I picked up the controls pretty quickly, and I could definitely see using this in combination with a mouse/keyboard or game controller. The 3DRudder VR Edition is supposed to ship by the end of March, and preorders are open now for $175/€175.

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