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Outlook for iOS turns your meetings into Skype calls

And mobile Skype group video calls will soon be free, too.

If you use Skype on a frequent basis, you've probably wanted to schedule a few of those internet-based calls. Doing that on your phone, however, has been a hassle -- at least, until now. Microsoft has rolled out an update to Outlook for iOS that lets you turn any meeting into a Skype call, and join that call by tapping a button. Theoretically, you'll never hold up an important talk while you're sifting through your Skype contacts. And there's more on the way if you prefer face-to-face video chats, too.

The Skype team has announced that it will soon bring free group video calling to its Android, iOS and Windows 10 Mobile apps, filling in one of the biggest gaps in its mobile software. Yes, you no longer have to turn to your desktop just to join a live product demo or family get-together. The feature doesn't officially hit phones and tablets for weeks, but you can pre-register now for an early peek.

Group video calling in Skype for Android

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